KU Probabilisty and Statistics Seminar (Fall 2017)

The seminars were held on Wednesdays 4pm-5pm at Snow 306.

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Date Title/Abstract
September 06

Hongwei Mei (University of Kansas)

Numerical Algorithms for Approximating Ergodic Means of Switching Diffusions

September 13

Jin Feng (University of Kansas)

A Hamilton-Jacobi theory for infinite particles

September 22 (Special date)

Arturo Jaramillo Gil (University of Kansas)

Limit distributions for functionals of Gaussian processes

October 4

Zhipeng Liu (University of Kansas)

Discrete Toeplitz/Hankel determinants and their applications

October 11

Amanda Wilkens (University of Kansas)

Equivariant thinning over a free group

October 18

Peter Lewis (University of Kansas)

Regularity of solutions to stochastic Burgers-type equations

November 10

Guillaume Barraquand (Columbia University)

ASEP and KPZ equation in a half-space

November 15

Jinho Baik (University of Michigan)

Fluctuations of the free energy of spherical Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model

November 16 (Smith Colloquium)

Jinho Baik (University of Michigan)

Totally asymmetric simple exclusion process

November 30 (Smith Colloquium)

Max Fathi (Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse)

Optimal Transport and Evolution Equations in Spaces of Probability Measures

December 1 (Special date)

Panqiu Xia (University of Kansas)

Joint Holder continuity of the solutions to a class of nonlinear SPDEs arising from multi-dimensional superprocesses